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Salesforce Users Can Now Have Enterprise Strength Content Management with a new Integration to FileNet

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu August 27, 2020 09:50 AM


When you think about it, the customer relationship lifecycle is filled with business content. Even before the customer buys anything, they are presented with proposals, pricing sheets, testimonials, and product specifications. After they buy, customers and businesses exchange invoices, claims, disputes and other correspondence. And there’s more proposals and testimonials for the additional products and services they might buy.  It’s all content and it needs to be managed, with compliance and privacy in mind.

Today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are not built as robust content management repositories.  Users build up troves of duplicates and multiple drafts, and store Personal Data where it can put the organization in danger on noncompliance. Without a content taxonomy, retention schedules and version controls, organizations get overwhelmed with content chaos, which impacts sellers and support staff when they can’t easily access the documents they need.

Now, users of one of the largest and most popular CRM systems, Salesforce, can use IBM Content Services as its content management system, virtually invisible to the everyday Salesforce user, and eliminate content chaos. Managing content is what IBM FileNet has always done, and so organizations that want to make sure their sellers and support staff are working efficiently and all content is managed securely, can enjoy the benefits of having both their CRM and ECM systems be enterprise strength.

Kathryn Tirador is the Content Services Offering Manager for this new capability and she recently contributed a short piece to the Art of Automation series.  She begins by describing the opportunity and then launches a demonstration, where you can see how easy it is to seamlessly manage content in FileNet and enable sellers to quickly access the content they need in Salesforce.