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The New Dashboards for Business Automation Insights – Now You Can “See” Operations and Make Changes to Improve It

By DAVID Jenness posted Tue August 25, 2020 01:07 PM


I recently moderated a client panel discussion on Operational Challenges with a line-up of COOs and Process Executives from a number of large enterprises. One of the topics that got everyone to lean forward into their Zoom was a discussion on the practical ways to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve business operations. 

One food industry COO said his company was actively looking at AI and how to use it “change our manufacturing space to leverage systems and technologies to get more insights and increase productivity.”

The concept of using AI for insights and productivity is solid. IT managers have been using analytics and AI to monitor the health and security of large systems for years. However, the practice of using AI to monitor workers, robots, and workflows, along with data and document usage, to develop a clear view of the workforce in real time is still being explored by organizations.

No one should compare running operations for a company to a car, but if it were a car (see what I did there?), you would expect to see a dashboard with a number of indicators, including fuel levels, speed, road conditions, and engine temperature. All of which helps you know where your car stands, operationally.

What was clear from the panel discussion is achieving a similar level of operational understanding for business operations requires a clear data strategy, reliable data models, and a way to easily visualize patterns and trends. 

IBM recently released a new capability for Cloud Pak for Automation and it goes a long way towards helping organizations visualize patterns and trends.  Business Automation Insights (BAI) is the component that enables companies to extract data from Cloud Pak activities, including workflows, business decisions, content usage, and capture metrics for analysis by AI models. What the team released in June is a new dashboard capability - configurable by a business user - that enables Operations professionals to easily identify trends and take action to keep things running efficiently.

Matt Warta is the Principal Offering Manager for BAI and he recently shared a demo of the new capability and it's the newest entry in the Art of Automation gallery. If you want to understand this new frontier for Operations, this is a good place to start.  Matt begins by laying out the premise and the opportunity for BAI, and then he takes you through a scenario involving an HR Manager looking to improve departmental performance.