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News IBM RPA courses: Digital assistants and surface automation

By Daiane Camila Bizari posted Mon June 13, 2022 11:51 AM

Human and robot working together

Would you like to know more about the digital assistants in IBM RPA? And about surface automation? So, let’s take the new courses and earn the badges for you becoming an advanced RPA developer. 

The RPA Educational team has released the Digital assistants in IBM Robotic Process Automation course with the following topics: 


  • Introduction to digital assistants 
  • Developing chatbots 
  • Knowledge base 
  • Deploying a chatbot 
  • Developing IVR agents 
  • Deploying an IVR agent 
  • Chat history 


A brief introduction: Digital assistants in IBM RPA are bots that interact with users using text or voice messages. A digital assistant can be either a chatbot, an interactive voice response (IVR) agent, or both.   


The other released course is the Surface automation with IBM RPA course with the following topics: 


  • Surface automation – Prime  
  • Setting the environment  
  • Automating the RPA challenge webpage  
  • Automating the remote environment  


A brief introduction: The surface automation is a method of automation tasks by using image recognition. 


Now, let’s access these courses by clicking the following links: 

Digital assistants in IBM RPA  

Surface automation with IBM RPA - Automation tasks using image recognition