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New IBM Cloud Pak for Automation capabilities available in IBM Digital Business Automation on Cloud

By Bill Lawton posted Tue January 05, 2021 05:39 PM

Available December 18, IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA) on Cloud now offers new capabilities and enhancements to the cloud service.  A key change with this update is the new and improved user experience that enables users to access the most important tools for their role quickly and easily. DBA on Cloud delivers business automation capabilities, such as, workflow, decisions, content management from the Cloud Pak for Automation in an integrated cloud service that is managed by IBM.  DBA on Cloud also includes the IBM Blueworks Live modeling capability. With DBA on Cloud, you can get access to the latest business automation on-cloud capabilities under a single cloud service subscription.
IBM DBA on Cloud will now include the following new features and capabilities:
  • Business Automation Studio: A development environment for the digital automation platform that can help accelerate digital transformation. Business Automation Studio is the place where users of the automation platform can author low-code applications.
  • Business Automation Services: Represents automations that have been published so that clients can call and reuse automations in a consistent manner. When published, the automation service becomes discoverable across Business Automation Studio to help you drive productivity and customer experiences.
  • Automation Application Designer: A low-code application builder with which clients can build, modify, and refine business automation-based application user interfaces that can take advantage of the capabilities of the platform through iterative development and playback. The focus of the low-code building experience is on page creation that is designed to provide easy-to-use methods for populating the page with UI views and configuration.
  • Business Automation Insights: A component that provides visual insights to business users from data events from automation components and applications. It feeds a unified data lake with business automation data that can be used to infuse artificial intelligence in the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business. The events are aggregated into business-relevant metrics and displayed in prebuilt or user-configured dashboards to provide near real-time visibility into business operations. In addition to the general features described above, this component includes an Express® and Enterprise configuration. 
  • Business Performance Center: A configurable dashboard designed for ease of creating and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Business Automation Navigator: Provides a place for business users to access their business applications. It is designed to provide easy access to applications and to enable users to navigate between applications. Business Automation Navigator enables administrators to publish applications into custom desktop views for different sets of users.
  • Automation Workstream Services: A component that helps businesses to complete work efficiently and collaborate effectively by enabling them to configure productivity services at runtime without a need for traditional development skills.
The update also includes the following enhancements:
  • An updated role-based user experience and login page that provides a unified user portal to access automation capabilities and easier navigation. The new user experience is optional for existing cloud service subscriptions.
  • The cloud service leverages automation capabilities from Cloud Pak for Automation for a consistent automation experience, as well as the Red Hat® OpenShift® open source container orchestration platform with Kubernetes infrastructure to deliver a robust and reliable service.  
  • A single IBM Knowledge Center for all capabilities and guided help. 
To learn more on this announcement, visit the What's New section of our Knowledge Center and our release Announcement. If you are interested in these new and exciting features, please contact your IBM DBA Seller.