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IBM Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.3 Announcement

By Bill Lawton posted Thu October 15, 2020 07:01 AM

I am excited to announce soon-to-be released new and enhanced features in IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. These AI-powered updates will allow:
  • Users to intelligently process documents and information easily and accurately without data science skills .
  • Business Managers to gain insights and manage their knowledge workers across the automation platform. 
  • Users to create and manage automation projects consistently across Business Automation Studio. 
New & Improved Product Features: 
  • *New* Automation Document Processing capability provides AI with deep learning for document classification and information extraction. To eliminate the overload of manual document processing, the new capability will combine content, data capture, and workflows with the power of deep learning in a low-code experience to allow business users to set up new processes without data scientists or IT. Automation Document Processing capabilities include: 
    • Pre-trained deep learning models for common document types like invoices, purchase orders and more available to use out of the box. 
    • With transfer learning, fewer samples are needed to train the models on new document types enabling business users to easily automate new document processing workflows.
    • Fully integrated with Content Services (FileNet) and advanced governance can be applied to meet regulatory requirements as the documents are processed.
    • Low-code application templates and toolkits in Business Automation Studio that will enable business users to quickly develop document processing applications.
    • The ability to leverage standardized data modeling, enabling consistency and ensuring that high quality data is being used to power downstream applications.
  • Business Automation Studio introduces a standardized experience in how projects are created and subsequently managed within Studio. We have expanded authoring capabilities that include both content and workflow services. In addition, we are providing a new automation services catalog that makes it easier to share and reuse automation services across the automation platform. Application designer has been enhanced to use the catalog to find and call automation services. It supports auto form generation based on automation services selected. In addition, application data can now be persisted.
  • Business Automation Insights. Leveraging Business Automation Insights, a new Workforce Management dashboard to allow business managers to track efficiency of workers by task, throughput, and utilization. As part of Workforce Management, included is a predefined case dashboard with process events and goal-based dashboards for basic suggestions and predictions, as well as additional dashboard visualizations and usability improvements in Chart and KPI configurations. For enhanced features in Business Automation Insights, there is a new way of enabling Natural Language Query for searchable insights. 
  • Improvements in the Cloud Pak experience. To provide you with faster and easier software update process, Cloud Pak for Automation now provides the ability to install, update, and manage software with ease with Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) support. As well as, the ability to install Cloud Pak for Automation on the Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud service for demo and enterprise scenarios using simplified install patterns. 

  • IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides a robotic process automation software solution that enables organizations to build attended and unattended software bots. Whether you are an experienced analyst or developer, or just getting started, access a range of capabilities from a list of 600+ prebuilt commands. Learn more or experience a trial.
Stay tuned for the general availability of the new and updated features in IBM Cloud Pak for Automation on December 18th, 2020. To learn more on this announcement, visit the What's New section of our Knowledge Center and our RFA Announcement. If you are interested in these new and exciting features, please contact  your IBM DBA Seller.