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Datacap documents processing in IBM Automation Document Processing (ADP)

By BIBHUDATTA MOHAPATRA posted Mon March 22, 2021 04:14 AM


IBM® Datacap is an ingestion client for Automation Document Processing (ADP). ADP is available exclusively with the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation V20.0.3 release. Datacap users can have the option of processing documents in ADP. The integrated digital transformation environment can help you speeding the document processing using ADP. The scanned documents can be uploaded from the Datacap systems to ADP for processing and storing.

By using Datacap Navigator or Datacap Desktop, you can scan and upload documents to ADP for faster processing. With access credentials and server configuration you can connect ADP. You need to create an ADP batch then can upload batches of documents to ADP. The document is sent to Content Platform Engine or ADP to creating a batch. You can verify the batch detail document properties and monitor or debug log running job.

For detail steps of uploading and managing document, see Uploading documents to ADP and Document processing sample application. DocumentProcessing is a IBM® Datacap sample application that is used for uploading documents to ADP. In sample application, three main task profiles that to be followed:

  1. VScan helps to input images in various formats and through different IBM Datacap clients.
  2. Profiler classifies the scanned images into PDF and non-PDF document types.
  3. Export helps converting non-PDF into a PDF document by using the document conversion actions.
The enterprise users can utilise this integrated digital transformation environment for automated processing of huge scanned documents and for better accuracy in production eliminating manual document processing. Also see ADP Integrating with IBM Datacap.

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