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The role of Automation in the HR Department

By ALAN NUNEZ posted Tue December 20, 2022 05:27 PM



Automation is the buzzword of the decade, and it's no different in the HR department. From automating your hiring process to finding candidates using artificial intelligence, you can use automation to make your job-filling more fulfilling and easier than ever before.

Make job-filling more fulfilling

Automating the process of filling open positions for your company is a huge opportunity to cut down on time-to-fill and keep your recruiting team focused on more strategic tasks. At the same time, it’s important to understand that automation is not a silver bullet—it will never be able to replace human insight, judgment, and intuition in talent acquisition.

For example, Watson Orchestrate can help you find the right talent by combing through all available data sources (such as social media profiles), but it can't tell if someone actually has the skills required for a particular job or whether someone would fit well with your culture. These types of factors require human input; however, an automated system like Watson Orchestrate frees up resources so that these kinds of questions are asked without having to take precious time away from other projects or responsibilities within HR departments.

Creating an easier hiring process

To start, you can use Watson Orchestrate to create a more efficient hiring process. Using the technology, you can automate many of the manual tasks involved in finding, screening, and selecting candidates for open positions while still maintaining control over who is hired. This can help you streamline your HR processes and save time by cutting out many of the steps that are currently done manually or on paper forms. For example:

  • An automated resume analysis tool like Resume Builder allows recruiters to quickly scan thousands of resumes for key skills and experience without spending hours poring over each one individually. * A candidate scoring system helps companies determine which applicants are most likely to have success at their company based on factors like education level, job history and other details such as keywords from the job description.

Additionally, it’s important to note that automation isn’t about eliminating jobs—it is about helping make existing jobs more fulfilling (and therefore less stressful). For instance:

  • Job seekers who submit their applications through an applicant tracking system will benefit from being able to upload all relevant documents at once so they don’t have to worry about remembering what they sent when applying elsewhere later down the road — this saves time both during application submission as well as when it comes time for follow-up questions regarding previous employment references or skillsets later on down into interview process

Empower your Human Resources team

One of the main challenges for HR departments is that they are often tasked with dealing with a considerable amount of data. It can be difficult for them to process all this information quickly and correctly, especially if it’s also coming from different sources. 

To help you deal with this increase in data volume, we recommend automating your HR processes so that you can focus on making better decisions about your employees and their performance.

Hire diverse and qualified candidates by eliminating human bias 

As you can imagine, human bias has a negative impact on hiring processes. Biases can lead to unfair decisions, which often result in hiring employees who are not well-suited for their roles. To help eliminate human bias and ensure that your team members have the skills they need to perform effectively, Watson Orchestrate can help identify qualified candidates by reviewing candidates’ resumes and identifying patterns of success across different industries. The software also ensures that each applicant receives an equal chance at being hired by comparing information from their resumes with other applicants’ profiles in order to determine who is most qualified for the job based on experience level or industry knowledge (or both).

If there's one thing we know about humans it's that we're flawed creatures—and sometimes these flaws can have very real consequences when it comes time for HR professionals like yourself to make important hiring decisions regarding new hires! With this in mind, there are several ways that Watson Orchestrate could help eliminate some of those potential biases:

How IBM's Watson Orchestrate makes this possible 

Watson Orchestrate is an AI-powered hiring tool that can help you find the best candidates for your job openings. It combines AI, automation and data to provide insights into candidate behavior from engagement to offer. It can also help eliminate bias from your hiring process by providing a more consistent way to evaluate candidates across the organization.


HR departments are using automation to make their recruiting and hiring processes more efficient. By using AI-powered tools, it is easier for HR teams to find candidates in a fraction of the time it used to take. This has allowed them time to focus on other important aspects of their jobs like onboarding new hires or developing training programs that help employees grow in their roles.