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UseCase: How can Intelligent Workflows ease the process of handling Financial Crimes?

By Aarthi Arumugam posted Wed September 29, 2021 02:38 PM

Technology in the past couple of decades has taken the world to a whole new level. Smart Cards, Smart TV, Smart Phone and even a Smart Home! All the smartness definitely adds magic to our lifes, but so does it adds to the increasing rate of crimes. All the personal data are out there in the network making it easily prone to hacking and other crimes. Financial domains especially are more exposed to such crimes - as they usually say, Money definitely matters!!

Most financial institutions often impose strict security protocols, fraud detection mechanisms etc to mitigate the growing threat on financial crimes and fraud. But what becomes an overhead are the increasing number of alerts from these underlying systems claiming them to be fraudulent transactions. How to identify a false alarm, how to differentiate if an alert needs immediate attention to the ones that could actually be a genuine one? Intelligent workflows come to the rescue.

Intelligent Workflow solutions with Cloud Pak for Business Automation(CP4BA) can be used to handle these financial alerts. One of the financial clients of IBM was interested in the solutions that CP4BA can offer in easing out the process of handling the financial alerts generated by the back-end systems. We proposed a solution and a prototype was built to prove the capabilities of the CP4BA tools.

The requirements were to
  • receive/pickup the Alerts generated
  • Extract the transaction, customer and account information from the alerts
  • Update and match the extracted information against the customer database
  • Use External research APIs such as the Google Negative News to identify any supporting information from the internet
  • Capture and Extract information information from electronic documents submitted as supporting documents
  • Execute business rules to identify the nature of the alert
  • Assign a user to work on the alert/case when required

Below is the diagram explaining the various layers of the solution components that was used in the application.


A comprehensive solution with the Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA) was built with BAW acting as the orchestrator for the Intelligent Workflow. The below diagram provides an insight into the CP4BA tools used for the solution


  • BAW  - used to build the workflow, integrating various tools used for this business process.
  • FileNet Content Manager - used to store the supporting documents 
  • ODM -used to execute business rules.
  • To capture the information from supporting documents was delegated to Business Automation Content Analyzer (now called the Automation Document Processing - ADP
  • IBM RPA - used to automate the tasks of scrapping the browser search results which will act as supporting documents to the alert.
  • BAI Elastic Search - used to store the business events.
  • In cases where a user involvement is required, Business Automation Application (BAA) was used as the user interface which also would display the dashboard information on the alerts generated with some visualizations. Some of the most complex dynamic UI was built using BAA to support the business process.

This Financial Crime is one such example of the Business Automation use cases from a wide variety of business applications that can be automated for better business performance.??????