Maximo Anywhere Applications: Work Technician

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Maximo Anywhere Applications: Work Technician 

Wed February 19, 2020 10:24 AM

Maximo Work Technician application

Packed full of features, the Work Technician (also known as Work Execution) application provides maintenance technicians key work order  information. Workers can review critical information for completing their tasks, including material and tool plans, attachments and work logs. 

Additionally, technicians can report on their completed work, create meter readings, work logs, along with new or follow-up work orders.  

Depending on how the app is configured, work technicians can also view a map of their work orders and obtain directions to work order locations.

The app supports bar code scanning and voice recognition.

Workers can use this app with the Maximo Calibration product to determine the calibration status of assets, create calibration work orders, document calibration results, configure calibration calculations, and have them validated.

Maximo Anywhere Work Technician applcation



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Maximo Anywhere Work Technician application