IBM TRIRIGA Demo: Back to Work with a Seamless Reservation System

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IBM TRIRIGA Demo: Back to Work with a Seamless Reservation System 

Tue July 27, 2021 03:27 PM

Shifting from the Traditional 9 to 5 work model to the Hybrid Workplace

As several companies are planning their back to work strategies, we are seeing terms like "Hybrid Workplace," or "Flex Work" start to trend. As discussed in our Tjene Talks with the President of Titan York on whether there will be demand for office rentals post-pandemic, the hybrid workplace is an up and coming model that many companies may start to incorporate as a part of their back to work strategy. In a study conducted in the summer of 2020 by CBRE with a total of 10,000 respondents from 32 companies within 18 countries, a combination of employees and company leaders were asked to complete a Workforce Sentiments Survey during the pandemic [1]. These are some of the key findings from the study:

  • "85% of employees prefer to work remotely at least two to three days a week in the future" [1]
  • "60% of respondents will return to the office in the future for community and collaboration" [1]
  • "54% of company leaders prefer a hybrid arrangement for their team that combines working remotely and from the office" [1]

As company leaders prepare for their back to work plan, they need to keep in mind that since the pandemic, employees have experienced many benefits from working from home. These benefits include decreased or no commute times as well as the ability to work from wherever the employee wants, allowing them to spend more time with their families. The study found that employees have been able to do this while maintaining the same productivity levels as pre-pandemic [1]. However, the study has also revealed the employees' desire to go back to the office for collaborative team work and experience community within the workplace. As employees see the value in both working environments, the idea of providing flex work or a hybrid workplace has become the driving force of many companies' return to work plans.



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