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Wait node in Maximo workflows

  • 1.  Wait node in Maximo workflows

    Posted Mon February 07, 2022 01:01 AM
    Dear Everyone,
    I am working on Maximo 7.6.1. 
    We have a requirement to send a notification to the maxadmin group when a user changes the status of an SR application to resolved.

    Build: we have created a workflow with three nodes. 
    1.start, 2.wait, 3.stop
    We have given the wait node event as and the attached communication template has the maxadmin group.

    Issue: The workflow is routing correctly, but when the user changes the SR status to resolved, the workflow does not stop and notification is not sent to Maxadmin at the start center.
    Please kindly help if you come across the same issues and let me know if you need further information.

    Venkatrao Yenuganti


  • 2.  RE: Wait node in Maximo workflows

    IBM Champion
    Posted Tue February 08, 2022 04:04 AM

    Venkatrao,  I understand, though don't yet appreciate why you need to notify MAXADMIN.  The content

    In my WF, as seen below, it works.  I think we're missing some info.
    A) how are you submitting the SR to WF
    B) what is the path you have designed i.e. show us the map

    This is the content of my Wait node.

    Can I explore the need to contact MAXADMIN?  From my perspective, there is no value in telling anyone other than perhaps the originator, that the SR is resolved.  It is good practice I've found to have the WF move forward using the wait node.

    Craig Kokay,
    Lead Senior Maximo/IoT Consultant
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Ph: 0411-682-040