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  • 1.  Unable to login Maximo

    Posted Mon May 22, 2023 02:12 PM

    Issue: Unable to login Maximo Application.

    We are upgrading Maximo to and Websphere to

    The Existing Maximo is running on Windows 2012 with Websphere and the Database is SQL Server 2012. The PROD login uses LDAP.

    For upgrade We got new servers with Windows 2019 and SQL Server 2019 and the database is cloned from PROD and refreshed in the new SQL Server 2019.

    We installed and upgraded Websphere Then Created all the profiles and Clusters and other necessary setup as per PROD including LDAP. Then we installed Maximo 7.6.1 and run Integrity checker and Updatedb and updated the Maximo database to 7.6.1. Then we build and deploy the maximo.ear.

    When we try to login maximo application with the LDAP credential we got: BMXAA7901E - You cannot log in at this time. Contact the system administrator.

    We verified in database mxe.useAppServerSecurity is 1 in both system properties and all the web.xml. And ACTIVATE the LDAPSYNC and VMMSYNC Crontacks. Still, we couldn't login.

    So, we removed all the LDAP configuration from Websphere and Database and Tried to login, but still not able login got the same error. 

    I noticed the most of the LDAP users in websphere not synced with the database.

    Could you please let me know how can I resolve the login issue ??

    Subhashish Behera

  • 2.  RE: Unable to login Maximo

    Posted Wed May 24, 2023 11:01 AM


    You should be able to get a more detailed error message from the WAS SystemOut.log.

    Also check the LOGINBLOCK table, as your load balancer may have had its IP address blocked for log in which stops all users from being able to log in.

    Chris Ellison

  • 3.  RE: Unable to login Maximo

    Posted Tue May 30, 2023 01:54 AM

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your responce. After remove the record in loginblock I am able to login. 
    After that when I apply the Maximo fixpack and updatedb, after build and deploy maximo login page is not coming. And version.bat also giving error.
    Please find some error logs:
    [5/30/23 0:20:02:456 SGT] 00000074 SystemOut     O 30 May 2023 00:20:02:454 [ERROR] [maximo] BMXAA6693E - The sequence number could not be generated. The "variant" data type is not supported.
        at ~[sqljdbc.jar:?]
        at$Builder$16.apply( ~[sqljdbc.jar:?]
        at$ ~[sqljdbc.jar:?]

    For this log I replaced latest driver and renamed as sqljdbc.jar and placed sqljdbc_auth.dll file SMP/maximo/tools/maximo and build and deploy, but still not getting the login page.

    Could you please suggest what should I do?

    Subhashish Behera