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Showing property value in compartment (Rhapsody)

  • 1.  Showing property value in compartment (Rhapsody)

    Posted Wed March 16, 2022 02:45 PM
    Hi everybody,
    In a profile i'm using there are several values specified as properties. This is info i would like to see in diagrams in general, and on a class diagram in my particular case.
    So far, i have thought about using the compartments section of the classes.

    Fact is, i can only pick a subset of elements to display (e.g. Attributes, Operations, Tags, Types).
    Is it somehow possible to display a particular property value?
    I tried for example using the syntax Category.subcategory.propertyname, but obviously with no success :)
    I imagine that could be complicated for values which are not a simple string.

    One possible way would be to use the java api and create tags corresponding to the properties i'm interested into, but i would like to avoid this duplication, if possible.

    Is there maybe some undocumented feature that could help me here?
    Thanks in advance!