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  • 1.  Number of site limitations in Mobile 8.11

    Posted Mon February 26, 2024 10:30 AM
    Edited by Vincent Wanders Mon February 26, 2024 12:30 PM

    Dear All,

    Does anyone know if there is a number of site limitations in Mobile 8.11?

    The asset_siteid_lookup in the mobiledb stops at 1000 while we have way more than 1000 siteid's.

    As I now understand it is affecting the site lookup in Mobile, it shows a count higher than you can actually find.
    Also it is affecting the listviews in AssetMobile. In other words the assets are there but Assetmobile is not showing them.
    In RBA the records show up.

    If anyone has any idea please share.

    Vincent Wanders

    Vincent Wanders

  • 2.  RE: Number of site limitations in Mobile 8.11

    Posted Tue February 27, 2024 11:14 AM

    I'm presuming "number of sites" means "Locations"?  

    it's not uncommon to have a limitation like that on a "select value" list in any application.  I'm actually more concerned about the fact that you seem to be walking towards the Big Trap of a mobile implementation.

    Wirelessly connected, offline capable Mobile software on your hand held device is NOT a live, fully connected experience.  The design capacity for those systems is intended to work well with a long weekend's worth of work assigned to the user or maybe a week, and supporting lists for that assigned work.  if your processes are requiring users to choose from lists of 1000's of things, then you're opening yourself to sync problems and device limitations.

    I would consider trying to tune the lists to the user's assigned work before trying to sync the Manage Database to a Mobile device.  Could you for example have a where clause in the datasource to limit what is be asked for to 1000 records that matter or make sense rather than just a list of 25387 things?

    Scott Mahon

  • 3.  RE: Number of site limitations in Mobile 8.11

    Posted Tue February 27, 2024 01:53 PM
    Edited by Vincent Wanders Tue February 27, 2024 01:53 PM

    No, it is really Sites (SiteID's). Locations (+300k) and Assets (+100k) are way way more.... 

    In this case it is for Mobile Assetmanager, but the Mobiledb is generic.
    Looks like there is a fetch limit of 1000 for the Site lookup.

    Today I took an old MobileDB (8 months old) and at that point there was no Asset_SiteID_lookup table.
    I guess that the Asset_SiteID_lookup table was generated at the point that I added Site filter on an Asset dataset.
    So basically the MX sync process determines if an extra table is needed.

    I am thinking that it is the fetch limit property setting which is causing the problem. Had no time today to look into it.

    You could be right about the "lists of 1000's of things". We did spend a lot of time fine tuning OSLC queries, and synchronization is a little time consuming (but smooth) now. The customer has really good reasons for having this kind of numbers for his engineers.
    And for me it is a challenge. But I am happy that I can manage a lot (with my limited knowledge). ;)

    Vincent Wanders

  • 4.  RE: Number of site limitations in Mobile 8.11

    Posted Wed February 28, 2024 08:58 AM

    We support the ability to change the default insert site in 8.11 but none of our applications are designed for there to be data from more than one site today. In addition to the obvious performance impact, you are likely to run into unexpected issues trying to display assets for all the sites because we may not filter a lookup for the site for example. Or we'll use the user's default insert site even though they're working on an asset in another site. I would strongly advice against having records outside of the user's default insert site. 

    That being said, the lookup-map concept which is what you used for the filter does have a cap of 1000 records that we download. We display the total count as it exists on the server but it's hardcoded to only download 1000 records. Since this is exclusively used out of the box for the filter capability (not used in the lookups), and uses a zombie mbo (think advanced search) where there will be typically few if any filters on the object, we didn't want to negatively impact performance by downloading entire tables worth of data to support field specific filters on mobile. 

    Steven Shull

  • 5.  RE: Number of site limitations in Mobile 8.11

    Posted Tue March 05, 2024 03:21 PM

    Well... I think it's quite a shock for me to read your reply.
    Did some testing and also the new functionality to change default site within the app is maximized to 1000 (so not only the Asset_SiteID_Lookup). While Maximo supports more than 1000 sites.

    Also I wonder what impact is when we set the OSLC queries back to default (so based on the default insert site).
    Would we have to create 2500 mobiledb's with 2500 groups and add all the engineers to those 2500 groups?
    What about the mobiledb crontask? That crontask would be running continuously generating all those db's I guess.

    And how can the user select the right DB while changing the default user within the app? Is there filtering on the default "select a db" functionality.

    But still we would be limited by the hard coded 1000 sites.

    Is there any way to work around it? For example making a custom OS for Sites, add that to the app.xml's and use the siteid on the MXAPIASSET to filter?
    Or can we add an extra (non persistent) field to the cardlist with siteid and filter with the use of AppCustomizations.js? 

    Vincent Wanders

  • 6.  RE: Number of site limitations in Mobile 8.11

    Posted Tue March 05, 2024 04:22 PM

    This is a much larger topic than can be fully addressed in a forum response. I would recommend reaching out to your IBM representative to discuss your requirements and how to best address them with Maximo Mobile.

    I would also recommend opening a support case on the default insert site switch being restricted to 1000 records. That is a significantly higher number than a majority of customers but is something we should support (in my opinion). 

    As for the filter, I assume you're using a lookup-map on the siteid attribute with a name="siteid" for example. Instead, you can use a datasource (IE datasource="siteLookupDS" if you created a datasource named siteLookupDS) and this would not have a 1000 record limit. 

    You still have challenges with the application that is above and beyond this if you're displaying data from multiple sites simultaneously which is why you should discuss with your IBM rep. 

    Steven Shull

  • 7.  RE: Number of site limitations in Mobile 8.11

    Posted Wed March 06, 2024 03:52 AM

    I know... We are already talking to them. We also raised PMR and are now in the process of convincing the first line helpdesk that the OOB installation of mobile won't help. Because the OSLC queries will not be replaced by the installation (and please keep it that way) and you also pointed out that the 1000 sites is hard coded.

    Raising PMR's is what we do often, but the process is slow and time consuming and then the answer we get is most probably No, can't do or make an idea and vote on it. That is not the way it is going to work for our customers.

    Some time ago I requested the IBM representative for an audience with you. The answer was also No, can't do. Because you are from a different region.

    It is really too bad because we are working with a customer who wants to go worldwide with mobile and now we run into limitations and we have some ideas to handle those limitations. But finding the information how to fix things is hard. There is not much knowledge out there. And I am happy that people like you answer our questions here.

    Vincent Wanders