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Meet the ADMUG Committee Members!

  • 1.  Meet the ADMUG Committee Members!

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    Posted Mon March 06, 2023 06:00 PM

    The Analytics and Data Maximo User Group is thrilled to announce its founding committee members!  These individuals have a wide range of Maximo and Industry experience and will bring incredible energy and enthusiasm in leading this new Maximo User Group.

    Please welcome the ADMUG committee members – Anne, Karson, Maryann, Shannon, and Pam – and thank them for their time in volunteering to make this group a success.

    Anne Antonelli, Maximo (CARMA) Program Analyst

    US Bureau of Reclamation

    Anne has worked with Maximo since 2007.    She is currently a Maximo Program Analyst at the US Bureau of Reclamation preparing to lead a multi-year re-implementation and upgrade to MAS 8.x. 

    Anne owns and used to be the lead Maximo Usability Expert at Technology, Training and Consulting (TTC) working with a range of Maximo clients.  From suggesting and documenting requirements for screens, to delivering change management communications, to assisting with user acceptance testing, and finally developing and delivering the training and training materials – Anne has worked with nearly every functional aspect of Maximo.   Anne is very active in Maximo User Groups, and continuously highlights the need for ongoing education for all.

    Karson Wynne, NCMMS Program Manager

    General Services Administration| Region 8

    Karson has two decades of experience in industrial construction, hydroelectric power plant management, and facilities management. He is also well-versed in industrial and commercial systems and provides technical assistance and guidance to improve operational efficiency.

    Karson has worked with Maximo for nearly 15 years.  Throughout that time, he has honed his skills in identifying deficiencies and opportunities and developing effective solutions to increase productivity.  Karson has overseen multiple complex projects from start to finish in driving the organization forward towards its goals.   Karson is the founding member of Maximo Nerds and helps on the family's farm throughout the year.

    Maryann Wood, Systems Support Coordinator

    Chelan County Public Utility District

    Maryann is a Maximo Administrator at Chelan County Public Utility District in beautiful Washington State.   Maryann has over 26 years of experience with Maximo, specifically for Utilities in Hydro Generation.  

    Maryann began working with Maximo Version 4.1.1, and throughout her career at Chelan has supported and trained numerous users on the features of Work and Asset Management, Maximo Scheduler, Mobility and Data Analytics.    Maryann is very familiar with Maximo KPIs, Crystal Reports and Cognos Analytics.  She is actively involved in several Maximo and Industry User Groups including PANMU, MUWG, IAM and Reliability Web, and a strong advocate for local STEM programs.

    Pam Denny, Enterprise Solutions Director

    Maven Asset Management

    Pam is an Enterprise Solutions Director at Maven Asset Management, a Maximo Solutions Provider.  Pam has nearly 25 years of design and implementation experience with Maximo in the areas of Analytics and Mobile.   She has designed and worked with a range of Maximo features, which most recently include BIRT, QBR, Cognos, Maximo Anywhere, Work Centers and Maximo Mobile.

    Throughout her Maximo career, Pam has translated complex product technology and knowledge to Maximo users via presentations, webinars, training manuals, videos, and technical documentation.  Pam is active member of the Maximo Community and is excited to be a part of the new ADMUG Group!

    Shannon A. Stommel, Applications Developer II

    Insteel Wire Products

    Shannon is an Application Developer II at Insteel Wire Products located in North Carolina for the past 9 years.   Insteel is a steel wire manufacturing company who uses Maximo to support a range of business processes including purchasing items, creating work orders, cycle counting on mobile devices and reporting with BIRT. 

    Shannon is the lead developer for Maximo at Insteel and is responsible for successfully implementing Maximo solutions to fulfill end user and business needs.  This includes coding, testing, and documenting Maximo configurations. This year, Shannon is excited to add Cognos Analytics to the list of Software Solutions she will support as Insteel begins to use Cognos for Maximo KPIs!

    Please reach out to any of these ADMUG Committee members with questions or suggestions you have for content for the group.   Thank you!

    The ADMUG Committee