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Maximo Mobile 8.10 - Edit WO by passing the WO Detail View

  • 1.  Maximo Mobile 8.10 - Edit WO by passing the WO Detail View

    Posted Mon May 15, 2023 02:27 AM
    Edited by Maycon Belfort Mon May 15, 2023 02:28 AM

    Hi everyone,

    Any idea how I can open the edit WO screen from the list bypassing the WO Details screen? The idea is to create a new edit button in the wo-card and, when clicking it, open the edit view.

    I'm currently using Maximo Mobile 8.10, and this is what I tried to do, but I'm breaking the page due to internal validations on WorkOrderDataController.

    # on AppCustomizations.js
    async myOpenEditPage(event) {
        let workorder = event.item;
        let woDetailsPage ='workOrderDetails');
        let woDetailResource = woDetailsPage.getDatasource('woDetailResource');
        await woDetailResource.load({
          noCache: true,
          forceSync: true,
          itemUrl: workorder.href,
        let woSchema = woDetailResource.getSchema();
        if (workorder && (workorder.wonum || workorder.href)) {
          woDetailsPage.state.woDetail = {
            page: 'workOrderDetails',
            wonum: workorder.wonum,
            siteid: workorder.siteid,
            href: workorder.href,
            name: 'woedit',
            resetScroll: true,
            params: { 
              workorder, woSchema ,
              wonum: workorder.wonum,
              istask: workorder.istask,
              wogroup: workorder.wogroup,
              taskid: workorder.taskid
          if ( {
  'loadRecord', workorder);

    Thank you.

    Maycon Belfort
    BPD Zenith