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  • 1.  Best Practice to import .css for a custom application

    Posted Fri April 19, 2024 10:50 AM

    IBM doesn't officially support any .css changes however I may put a future IDEA request in to allow a customer custome.css file.

    I'm building a custom app in Maximo and there are specific color requirements that don't match the Maximo style that I'm going to be using for display rules. I want to make sure this is future proof and don't want to add to the maximo.css as this get overwritten during upgrades/fix packs/etc. 

    Display rules for a table. (E.G)

    <displayrule id="results_showlist_rule" dataattribute="IN_APPR_GROUP.ISAPPROVER">
       <exact id="results_showlist_rule1" value="Y" classname="custom_color"/>

    I need to create styles that will be accessible through conditional expressions and display rules.

    Where can I create/link to a custom .css file ? What are your thoughts on a best practice on where/how to do this.

    My inital thought is to create a custom.css file in \IBM\SMP\maximo\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\skins\mobile\iot18\css

    and just import it into the in the maximo.css file

    @import url("custom.css");

    Thanks have a great weekend.

    Ryan Medernach
    Application Support
    MEG Energy
    Calgary AB

  • 2.  RE: Best Practice to import .css for a custom application

    Posted 30 days ago

    For EAM, I would modify the extended.css. This was really intended for customers to put their CSS rules but over the years, a few CSS entries were added out of the box. It's relatively safe to modify but the maximo.css (even to just add an import) you would have to add back every patch.

    In MAS, there is work being done to provide a way for customers to configure CSS throughout the suite.

    Steven Shull