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Automatic RIMBO creation uses Application Data Types

  • 1.  Automatic RIMBO creation uses Application Data Types

    Posted Tue May 24, 2022 11:44 AM
    Recently I tried Rhapsody's Automatic RIMBO Creation function. For that I created a new model with the AUTOSAR_40 and AR4x_BMT profiles and imported an ARXML file generated from another AUTOSAR modelling tool. The ARXML file contains a whole ECU project containing compositions, components, port interfaces, data types and so on and - what is important for this request - also Type Mappings.
    Afterwards I selected an Application SW Component Type and started the automatic RIMBO creation. The names of the generated package, RIMB, ports and interfaces do not match the names of the original AUTOSAR elements. Instead they are generic (see screenshot below) but this is another issue...

    What I see as a problem is, that Rhapsody uses for the types of the data elements in the RIMBReceiver Interfaces and RIMBSender Interfaces and as types of parameters of operations in RIMBClient Interfaces and RIMBServer Interfaces Application Data Types instead of the mapped Implementation Data Types. Of course the original AUTOSAR interfaces reference Application Data Types. But these Application Data Types are mapped to Implementation Data Types via Type Mapping Sets. As RIMBs model the implementation of Application SW Component Types and are the basis for C/C++ code generation I would like to use Implementation Data Types within RIMBs.

    In contrast, when I generate RTE header and code templates by the tool, which we use to model the AUTOSAR architecture, the tool translates the Application Data Types correctly to Implementation Data Types and uses these Implementation Data Types in the generated C code.

    • What do you think about this topic?
    • Does the Automatic RIMBO Creation generally not consider type mappings or do I have to change some settings in order to get the Automatic RIMBO Creation apply the type mappings?

    Stefan Thormann