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IBM Champion Spotlight: Tracy Jefferson

By Namitha K posted Thu February 29, 2024 03:14 AM


Meet Tracy Jefferson, a seasoned Executive Account Manager at EBusiness Strategies LLC and a proud IBM Champion for the past four years! Tracy's journey in the IBM world started in 2011 when the company he worked for, TRIRIGA, was acquired by IBM. Tracy is an experienced global leader with over 40 years’ experience in the design, development, and implementation of technology solutions primarily in the facilities management and real estate markets. Has been associated with TRIRIGA in various roles since 2005. Additionally, he holds multiple IBM certifications in Blockchain, IoT, Watson, and TRIRIGA; and is a proponent of EOS, Rocket Fuel, and Blue Ocean Strategy. Tracy is an experienced speaker and has presented at several TRIRIGA User Conferences, IBM Interconnect, TRIMax, COMEX Oman, and IBM Pulse, is active on Twitter, and is the owner of the Facebook group "TRIRIGA Around the World." Outside of work, he is a father of three, global traveller, enjoys activities such as SCUBA diving, kayaking, swimming, bicycling, sailing, roller blading and hiking, and is a super sport bike enthusiast!

    Tracy's favourite IBM product is Envizi, and his passion for it stems from its robust capabilities as a sustainability data powerhouse, making reporting and compliance seamless. When asked about his preferred type of advocacy, Tracy enthusiastically chooses speaking, showcasing his dedication to sharing knowledge and insights. Driven by his connection to the IBM community and his roots in TRIRIGA, Tracy actively gives back to the technology community, earning the title of IBM Champion. Reflecting on his journey, Tracy expresses pride in his repeated accomplishments of speaking at IBM conferences, shedding light on TRIRIGA and other IBM Sustainability Software.

Watch Tracy's presentation about IBM Sustainability products focusing on TRIRIGA which was delivered at TRIRIGAWorld August 2023.   

Subscribe to his YouTube channel for a series of discussions around TRIRIGA and Sustainability!

Beyond the tech realm, Tracy's dream job would be a biochemist, showcasing his diverse interests and aspirations. His advice to those considering joining the IBM Champion program is a testament to the incredible community and support it offers; Tracy emphasises the valuable insights gained into IBM products and the lasting friendships made along the way.

Lightning round:

  • What would be your superpower and why? Ability to go anywhere in the world and adapt to the culture for work
  • Ice cream or cake? Ice cream
  • Cats or dogs? Love both but generally cats because of so much travel and long working hours and they are low maintenance compared to dogs
  • Summer or winter? Summer
  • Morning or evening? Pathetic morning person
  • eBook or paper book? eBook
  • TV shows or movies? Movies
  • A night out or a night in? Night in
  • Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Dip a toe
  • Go-to karaoke song? Despise karaoke!
  • Drive or fly? Both.  Fly somewhere exotic then rent a motorcycle or jeep and explore!

Connect with Tracy in LinkedIn and Community page.