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Recent EWM-Jenkins plugin releases

By Brooke Begnaud posted Fri October 22, 2021 01:58 PM

Recent EWM-Jenkins plugin releases
by Priyadarshini Gorur

Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) is scalable, extensible and integrates with third party tools for establishing an end-to-end DevOps toolchain. EWM (formerly Rational Team Concert) provides plugins to integrate with Jenkins, an open-source automation tool used for building and deploying software.

The EWM-Jenkins integration provides traceability between Jenkins builds and EWM artifacts across the development lifecycle. The integration leverages EWM features and workflows that users are already familiar with: build health reports, dashboards, build completion notifications through email, feeds, and toast popups, etc. Two different configurations are available, one using the source control capabilities within EWM, and another that works with Git.

We have had a few new releases of our Engineering Workflow Management Jenkins integration in the recent months to ease adoption of the latest and greatest versions of Jenkins.

Note: EWM continues to support Jenkins LTS versions starting from 2.60.1

Team Concert plugin

Using this plugin, you can configure Jenkins jobs to use Engineering Workflow Management source control and report information back to EWM builds.

The diagram below summarizes how you can setup this configuration to achieve the full potential of the integration by loading source code from EWM to building using Jenkins jobs and putting it all together with the traceability offered by EWM.

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Learn more about this configuration: Using Rational Team Concert for source code management in Jenkins jobs

We delivered two new releases of our Team Concert plugin this year, the latest being:

Team Concert plugin v 2.4.0

The main focus of enhancements that went in this version are threefold:

  • Triggering an EWM build as part of a Jenkins pipeline (rather than triggering it from EWM)
  • Additional traceability, making logs/artifacts from an EWM build available to your Build Engineers and Developers in the Jenkins pipeline context
  • Security improvements as a result of updates made to incorporate security fix and recommendations from Jenkins

Download plugin from here

Team Concert Git plugin

Using this plugin, you can use Git source control but create traceability links from Jenkins builds to EWM work items and build results.

The diagram below summarizes how you can setup this configuration.

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There are other ways you can integrate Git with EWM, not limited to builds. Read about it at Git Integration features in Rational Team Concert and Integrating Rational Team Concert with Git, GitHub, or GitLab

We have had one release of our Team Concert Git plugin this year

Team Concert Git plugin v 2.0.3

In this version, the plugin adopted Jenkins user interface changes for users on narrow devices like tablets and phones.

Download plugin from here

Priyadarshini Gorur
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