Turbonomic Latest Releases & Downloads (Last Updated: May 3, 2024)

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Thu April 11, 2024 05:06 AM

Turbonomic Latest Releases & Downloads

Find the latest Turbonomic updates, release notes, and user guides for the next-generation Turbonomic platform here. 

Please review the license agreement and click on the New Install or Update button below to download the OVA or VHD or ISO file that contains the Turbonomic image.

OVA - Installing the vCenter Image for On-Prem Environments

VHD - Installing the Microsoft Hyper-V Image

ISO - Performing Offline updates

Latest Bi-Weekly Release

Download the latest release which includes fixes and incremental updates.

Current version is 8.12.3 | Release Notes
Released May 15, 2024

 Download New Install (OVA)
 sha256sum: 183b704ed24bac3715c42b27901e9f4636553ef37152ce73860077f0e0ce6d24
 Download Update only (ISO)
 sha256sum: f096ff5ad653869d02aa90781bdf84a63615cf101496a95fecd2bc7e151dea60

Latest Quarterly Release

Download the stable quarterly release which includes major platform updates.

Current version is 8.12.0 | Release Notes
Released 4 April 2024

 Download New Install (OVA)

 sha256sum: e9d4285f9ac01b577999ac4ea691430cc53a20c629236c51db03b1c2fad39ee0

Download New Install (VHD)

sha256sum: 9bf3daaa83f1c98955d44f41d605ef1f6f876b1f546b33858198ba584705a7f5

Download Update only (ISO)

sha256sum: ebe9241bb3213f5aa9f702b00d974949b3330d4422f2f3232287730d9c4d8511


Please note, if you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team here.


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