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Monitoring Academy Newsletter: June Edition

By IMWUC Community Team posted Fri August 11, 2017 06:06 AM


Welcome to the IBM Monitoring Academy Newsletter!

In these monthly newsletters we are aiming to share with you our high value content, recent updates and any information you might have missed. It will all be hosted here with external links within the blog so please have a read.


Seminar Video

This episode has two of our engineers; Mark Leftwich and Shaun Rodger, highlighting this month's key topics, and any additional information for you. 


Top Videos

In this section, you'll find our top videos for this month released by the Monitoring Academy. 


ITM: What Information to Provide when Opening an ITM PMR 


Top 3 Blogs of the Month

Below are the blogs which have gained the most traction on Developer Works since 1st May 2016;

  1. Situations Not Started for a KNT Agent written by @sandrajones

  2. Installing Dashboard Application Services written by @FranMartinez​​

  3. IBM Performance Management 8.1.3 is Now Available written by @Jhelbig


Product Updates and Notifications