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Monitoring Academy: Helping Us Help You - TCR Bite-Size Edition 5

By IMWUC Community Team posted Mon September 04, 2017 07:06 AM


By Shaun Rodger

Another customer query for you today.  We had someone who was trying to create a custom report that had two Y-axes and he couldn't figure out how to do it.  There's some documentation floating around online but hopefully I can clear things up a bit here.

Essentially, you need to create a combination chart and then within Report Studio, you need to make sure that "Axes - Y2 Axis" has been set to "Show"'.

You can add multiple entries into the Series section of the chart.  Once you've added these, you can select each in turn and amend the properties - "General - Chart Type" to 'Line', and "General - Axis Assignment" to Y1 Axis or Y2 Axis as appropriate.  I've included a screenshot below to help make things more clear -