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Embedded Grafana reports in Turbonomic 8+

By Yasser Sheriff posted Wed June 07, 2023 11:59 AM


Authors: Eric Cambel & Yasser Sheriff | Build Lab

This blog post shows how to enable Embedded reports using an automated script that significantly reduces time and complexity of the deployment. You can then import custom reports within Grafana.

Embedded reports are designed to provide users with valuable insights for their monitored infrastructure. They offer a wide range of dashboards such as Actions, Cloud, Containers, Virtual Machines, Network and more.

Physical Machine Utilization


  • ·      Turbonomic Instance on OpenShift
  • ·       oc command line utility (Mac or Linux)

Steps to deploy Embedded Reports

1.     Download the embedded_reports folder from the github link.  


2.     The script requires following parameters. 

a.     Turbonomic Namespace, for example turbonomic

b.     OpenShift Security Context:

         Ø oc get ns turbonomic -o yaml|grep uid-range

c.     New Grafana password

Ø  ./setup_reports.sh <namespace> <security context>

3.     Verify the grafana, timescaledb and api pods are in 1/1 running status

4.     Verify Reports is showing in the left navigation

5.     Add the user role: “Designate as report editor” to the turbonomic user profile.

a.     Select the Setting and click on User Management

b.     Choose a user that would be editing reports and select the DESIGNATE AS REPORT EDITOR option and select save.

6.     Import a new report by following the Turbonomic Custom reports link: