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Accelerating FinOps & Sustainable IT with IBM Turbonomic ARM

By Veeramani Nambi posted Wed October 26, 2022 02:05 PM


Key FinOps Challenges

The state of FinOps 2022 - FinOps Foundation
   (Survey results from, "The State of FinOps 2022" published by FinOps Foundation)

Encouraging Engineers to take action remains a top challenge compared to last year, per the survey analysis given above. But, do we know what the engineers have to deal with? Let's take an example and that of Cloud Instance type, in a public cloud.

Public Cloud Instance Types (Combination of CPU, Memory, Storage) Engineer's Challenges
AWS (Taken from publicly available information from docs.aws.amazon.com)
  • General Purpose
    • Compute Optimised (c4, c5, c5a, c5ad, c5d, c5n, c6a, c6g, c6gd, c6gn, c6i, c6id, c7g). Each of them having anywhere between 5 and 10 variants. And AWS keeps modifying these offerings as they see the need
    • Storage Optimised (d2, d3, d3en). Each of them having anywhere between 4 and 7 variants
    • Accelerated Computing (DL1, F1, G3, G4ad, G4dn, G5, G5g). Each of them having 1 and 8 variants)
  • Memory Optimised (R5, R5a, R5b, R5n, R6a, R6g, R6gd)
  • HPC Instances 
  • ...... 
  • As CSPs continue to optimise the offerings, the variants continue to explode.
    • How to choose what's the best
    • How often to do this exercise
    • Given that majority of the customers have Hybrid cloud deployments, add AWS variants to what Azure has to offer, GCP has to offer, IBM Cloud has to offer and also, Alibaba, vmware.
    • How feasible it is for the developer to take action, timely? And what's the measurement?

Oh and we forgot many more resources/services : Network, Backup, Recovery etc

And Hybrid Cloud scenario complicates the cost and measurement and also optimisation, as each of the vendors have their separate tool. Does Turbo have an answer? 

Enter IBM Turbonomic ARM, that addresses some of the key challenges that are specified in the FinOps report 2022 : 
Getting Engineers to take action on cost optimisation, Enabling automation, Reducing waste or unused resources and many more. To know more, click here for the white paper on Accelerating FinOps & Sustainability using Turbo

PS: The view expressed is not of the Turbonomic Product Management, but a product enthusiast. Your comments are welcome.

  1. The state of FinOps 2022 - FinOps Foundation