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Sustainability and IT - Top comments from Analyst reports and Turbo whitepaper

By Veeramani Nambi posted Wed October 19, 2022 11:11 AM


2022 - The year perspectives changed ... Sustainability

The figure below is from Gartner, as part of the 2022 CEO Survey. What changed this year? The focus on Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), as a large CEO business priority. I see that the article is published in the month of May 2022, which might mean the survey was done much before. May be, if the survey is done now (as the winter closes-in), Sustainability could even be in the top three, if not at the top ! May not be the top, since Purpose/Function/Performance is always important when compared to how you get those :-)

And how the top priority areas have changed for the CEO's for 2022-23

As you can see above, the biggest jump is of sustainability, up by 292%, storming into the top 10.

As the CEO’s are rightly focussed on getting the growth and technology, there are places where they can get ready help: Environmental Sustainability/Cost. 


Addresses Sustainability, all by itself : IBM Turbonomic created Application Resource Management (ARM) to assure customer’s application performance, by dynamically resourcing applications across multi-cloud environments. 

Save Money: Forrester projected (TEI study), that IBM Turbonomic ARM customers reduced their cloud and data center consumption by 30%, within 6 months.

Cloud advantage, for Sustainability: Shift the responsibility to the cloud provider.

Click here to read the Sustainability Whitepaper from Turbonomic