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Recording - Let's talk Turbo with Mohamed Basha

By Veeramani Nambi posted Wed June 22, 2022 03:48 AM


More than 160+ attendees, majority coming from the EMEA region, that included our partners, customers and IBMers. 75 minutes of demo and discussions. Big Thanks to all of you !

Turbonomic Experts: @Eva Tuczai @Mohamed Kamel Basha

Discussion Points​​

  • Turbonomic Support for Citrix
  • What Turbonomic delivers that no other competition can ! No more dashboards
  • Compare Densify and Turbonomic
  • Support for Container workloads that are running on OCP clusters on  z Linux
  • Optimisation objectives of Turbonomic
  • Demo of Sustainability Calculator and Sustainability Metrics (Carbon Emission, Energy Consumption, Space, PUE etc)
  • Turbo as a cost optimizer for AWS Cloud
  • Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling
  • Turbo as a FinOps tool
  • Support and Maintenance aspects of Turbo
  • Support for K8S Rancher
  • Can Turbo sandbox connect to local private OCP (using Skupper for eg)
  • Does KubeTurbo have any integrations with underlying storage providers?

And here's the word cloud of what got discussed in the event

Here's the recording for you -> Let's talk Turbo

Welcome your comments on the event and ask if there are questions on Turbo on the Community.