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Announcing support for Cloud Parking

By Spencer Mehm posted Fri March 24, 2023 10:52 AM


Public cloud spending will rise to a forecasted total of $ 591.8 billion in 2023, causing organizations across industries to create FinOps teams dedicated to reducing spend and extracting more business value from hybrid and multicloud investments.1 To support our customers, Turbonomic has continued to build on its cloud optimization capabilities.  


Today we are proud to announce IBM Turbonomic now supports Cloud Parking. 


For organizations migrating to the public cloud to meet their application development and hosting needs. Running and deploying virtual machines accounts for a significant portion of cloud usage. Rapid and frictionless deployment can lead to virtual machine sprawl, continuous usage and blown cloud budgets. IBM Turbonomic enables customers to balance tradeoffs between continuous virtual machine deployment and resource waste with cloud parking for VMs. 


What is Turbonomic Cloud Parking  


Turbonomic Cloud Parking is the capability that determines the qualified cloud resources (virtual machines) to take start and stop actions. The Turbonomic Cloud Parking feature includes an instance inventory page, the ability to self-service the state of a cloud virtual machine and the assignment of parking schedules.  


Parking Inventory List 


Below is the inventory list of park-able cloud virtual machines along with their corresponding metadata that can be found in the Turbonomic UI.  


Parking Schedule Creation 


This image depicts how Turbonomic users can schedule times for state enforcement of cloud virtual machines.  


Turbonomic can also dynamically assign parking schedules to cloud VM’s, which enforces states and ensures that virtual machines are only on when needed. 



Achieve FinOps goals through trustworthy automation 


As FinOps initiatives continue to build momentum, organizations will turn to a variety of solutions to close the gap between their forecasted and actual cloud spend. Although visibility into cloud spend is important creating stakeholders and driving accountability, the most immediate way to reduce cost in hyrbid and multicloud environments is to empower engineers to take action. For organizations looking to maximize the return on their cloud investments, IBM offers a clear path that will allow engineers to safely execute on cost optimization, delivering results immediately and continuously.