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IBM Turbonomic SaaS now available for deployment in several new global regions

By Paul Carley posted Thu May 11, 2023 03:09 PM


IBM is pleased to announce that our IBM Turbonomic SaaS platform is now available for regional deployment in several new locations, including Frankfurt, Germany, London, UK and Sydney, Australia. This advancement enables our customers to take advantage of the benefits of Turbonomic while also ensuring compliance with local data privacy regulations. 

The benefits

Giving customers the capability to place cloud workloads in these key global regions is important to customers for several reasons, including:

Compliance - support data privacy and security regulations that dictate where data must be stored and processed. By having cloud workloads available in EMEA allow organizations to comply with these regulations.

Business Continuity – enables organizations to quickly scale up or move existing services in the event of a disruption in their current on prem infrastructure or local cloud deployment location.

Reduced latency - Placing cloud workloads closer to end-users can reduce the latency and improve application response, resulting in a better user experience. This is critical for latency-sensitive applications such as online customer transactions, financial trading, or video conferencing.

Using the IBM® Turbonomic® platform’s AI-powered automation and cloud optimization solutions, you can continuously help ensure application performance (both traditional and cloud-native) and optimize costs. For more information visit our website.