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Better Efficiency in IT with IBM Turbonomic and IBM Envizi

By Paul Carley posted Fri April 21, 2023 10:22 AM


When it comes to the goal of sustainable operations, the responsibility doesn’t rest solely with the corporate sustainability team. As more organizations focus on operationalizing sustainability across the enterprise, CIOs will have an opportunity  to drive more efficient IT operations and support the corporate sustainability agenda.

At the same time CIOs are faced with the complexities of managing the day-to-day operations of their organization while looking to reduce cost yet continue to assure performance. This often leads to overspending or overallocation of resources to mitigate performance risks .

How can technology help business units such as IT Operations, who are tasked with initiatives and programs to reduce energy, waste, and carbon emissions while balancing business outcomes?

Organizations need to have a data-driven approach to achieving sustainability goals and operations plays a large part in making IT efficient both now and in the future.

This is why we are excited to announce a new software integration between IBM Envizi ESG Suite and IBM Turbonomic.

How can CIOs leverage these new capabilities?

Bringing the capabilities of Envizi and Turbonomic into their operations, CIOs can now use technology to optimize their hybrid environment and take real steps towards their organization’s sustainability goals.

IBM’s Envizi & Turbonomic solutions work together to provide you with near real-time visibility of the energy and emissions impact of optimized data center resources, which feeds into a single system of record of ESG data for the entire organization.

Connecting IT operations with corporate sustainability goals

Using Turbonomic and Envizi together can help clients optimize their IT environment and improve their overall business operations.

IBM Turbonomic delivers a hybrid cloud cost optimization solution you can safely automate to unlock elasticity without compromising performance. It provides real-time automated actions for workload placement, resource allocation, and scaling, helping to ensure that applications are performing at their best at the lowest cost.

Envizi is a cloud-based data and analytics software that helps organizations to create an ESG data foundation, calculate greenhouse gas emissions, identify opportunities for emissions reduction, and streamline reporting and disclosure.

By using Turbonomic and Envizi together, clients can gain a more comprehensive view of their IT environment and its impact on their business results  as well as gain insight on energy usage and environmental impact. Turbonomic can provide insights into workload performance and resource utilization, while Envizi can help organizations to monitor and analyze their energy usage, identify areas where they can reduce consumption, and track their progress towards sustainability goals.

This can help organizations make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources, how to optimize their IT environment, and how to reduce their environmental footprint.

For example, by using Turbonomic to optimize workload placement and resource utilization, customers can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with running their IT infrastructure. Envizi can then provide data on energy usage metrics such as energy & carbon reduction from actions taken by Turbonomic help customers track their progress towards their sustainability goals and identify further areas for improvement.

Bring measured results to ESG goals

With Turbonomic and Envizi working together, Envizi provides a single source of truth for all ESG data, which will highlight the efficiency outcomes achieved through resource optimizations and reductions and emissions by the IT organization. The integrated tools together simplify the performance tracking and reporting for the IT team, saving time and effort.

Overall, using Turbonomic and Envizi together can help customers to optimize their IT infrastructure and reduce their environmental impact, leading to improved business operations and greater sustainability.

IT Operations can lead

Sustainability is a key priority for organizations looking to create a better future for themselves and the planet. To achieve sustainability goals, it's important to engage everyone in the organization and leverage data-driven decision-making to inform actions. The CIO is a critical player in this process, with the power to reduce energy demand resulting in the reduction of emissions within their operations as well as to influence the broader organization. With access to specialized software like IBM Turbonomic and IBM Envizi, the CIO can lead the way as a sustainability champion within their organization. By working together and taking action, we can create a more sustainable future for all.

Find out more about how CIOs can make an impact on the organization’s sustainability agenda and for more information about IBM Turbonomic and IBM Envizi ESG Suite, visit IBM.com.