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GPU optimization with IBM Turbonomic - unlock the true performance!

By Patrycja Hubl- Lis posted Mon April 08, 2024 09:02 AM


As the demand for advanced graphics processing units (GPU) grows to support machine learning, AI, video streaming and 3D visualization, safeguarding performance while maximizing efficiency is critical.

IBM® Turbonomic®, a dynamic IT application resource management software platform, is dedicated to optimizing GPU workloads to promote maximum efficiency without sacrificing performance at the lowest cost.

Turbonomic is committed to developing GPU optimization services to provide performance insights and generate actions to achieve application performance and efficiency targets.

To summarize, the more permissions Turbonomic is granted for observation, the more optimizations it can drive.

Read more about the benefits, our commitment to improving GPU optimization and next steps here.

** Stay tuned for more information on GPU optimization, which IBM Turbonomic Team will announce at IBM Think, May 20-23rd! **