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IBM Instana Observability Self-Hosted 1.0.227 Now Available

By PATRICK BUTLER posted Tue July 05, 2022 05:12 AM

IBM Instana Observability Self-Hosted, formerly known as IBM Observability by Instana APM,  releases a new version – version  1.0.227 – today, July 5, 2022.
This latest release delivers enhancements and additional coverage from what was delivered with version 1.0.225. In this release, you can directly use Instana packages for installation and deployment.  For detailed instructions, see the Instructions.pdf file, which you can download from Passport Advantage
Main features now available to IBM clients in the new release:

Operator & kubectl plugin
  • Added beta support for OpenShift
  • Added support for multiple agent keys and enabling gradual key rotation
  • Added support for custom CA certificates
  • Relaxed DB version requirements (major version is still a hard requirement, minor version is considered a minimum version)
  • New operation mode that enables scaling down for maintenance
Application Smart Alerts
  • Smart Alerts for Application Perspectives is an intelligent alerting capability that allows you to receive alerts automatically tailored for an arbitrary subset of calls to your applications, services or endpoints. The alerts are derived from out-of-the-box blueprints such as slow calls, erroneous calls, HTTP status codes and throughput. In addition, you can choose from several threshold types, including ones that apply statistical models. For detailed information, see Application Smart Alert docs.
AIX error report
  • Added support for error report as events for AIX system

Sensor improvements

  • Apache Dubbo Tracing
    • Added support of auto-trace for Apache Dubbo applications
  • Apache Tomcat Sensor
    • Added support for Tomcat v9 and v10
  • Go Tracer
    • Added instrumentation for RabbitMQ by using the streadweay-amqp module
  • HAProxy Sensor
    • Fixed displaying negative metric values
  • IBM ACE Tracing
    • Added support for Linux on Z (s390x, 64bit)
    • Supported auto-trace for IBM ACE running in IBM Cloud Pak for Integration with the Instana AutoTrace WebHook
  • IBM MQ Tracing
    • Supported auto-trace for IBM MQ running in IBM Cloud Pak for Integration with the Instana AutoTrace WebHook
  • Java Tracer
    • Added instrumentation support for Camunda business keys
  • Node.js Tracer
    • Added support for Node v18
  • Python sensor
    • Added a reminder to the agent configuration.yaml that the default value of python:autotrace:enabled is true and suggested false as an explicit config, as the default implicit is already true
  • RabbitMQ Sensor
    • Ensured that there are no metric gaps in UI charts
    • Verified support for version 3.9.x
  • vSphere Sensor
    • Added support for vSphere v7
Other improvements

  • Mobile App Monitoring
    • Added support for filtering beacon with the mobile device model. You can filter out the mobile data based on the device type (device model) by using the mobile device model filtering tag.
  • Azure SQL Database
    • Fixed event settings to display correct metric names and formats.
  • WebSphere Infrastructure
    • Decrease size of WebSphere Infrastructure javaagent jar.
  • Application Dashboards
    • For widgets that are not supported in Live Mode, a message This widget is not supported by Live Mode is added. In addition, a button is provided to stop Live Mode.
For additional features, improvements, and fixes made to the enterprise observability platform and automated Application Performance Monitoring solution, see the release notes at

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