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IBM Observability by Instana Version 1.0.221 - Now Available!

By PATRICK BUTLER posted Tue April 12, 2022 03:17 AM

IBM is pleased to announce that a new release of IBM Observability by Instana — version 1.0.221 is available as of April 12,  2022.

This latest release delivers enhancements and additional coverage from what was delivered with version 1.0.219. It leverages prior investments in IBM middleware and brings visibility into the Observability platform. In this release, you can directly use Instana packages. For detailed instructions, see the Instructions.pdf file, which you can download from Passport Advantage

Main features now available to IBM clients in the new release:

Apache HTTPd Tracing
  • Added support of automatic End User Monitoring correlation for HTTPd server.
Monitoring WebSphere Infrastructure
  • Added support of monitoring IBM WebSphere infrastructure. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays WebSphere infrastructure information. For more information, see WebSphere Infrastructure docs.
New web REST API endpoints for mobile app monitoring

Sensor improvements:

  • Ceph Sensor: 
    • Now supports Ceph versions from 11 to 16.
  • Host Sensor: 
    • Collection of System ID is now supported for Linux, macOS, Windows, Solaris (global and non-global zones) and AIX operating systems.
  • IBM ACE Sensor:
    •  Added the health indicator and 'Maximum Elapsed Time' in the message flow table.
    • Added 'Maximum Elapsed Time' in the flow node table.
    • Handled metrics for message flows without flow nodes.
    • Added support for custom Availability Zone for Integration Node.
  • IBM ACE Tracing: 
    • Switched from Go Jaeger client to OpenTelemetry C++ client in the trace library.
    • Performance improvement to reduce CPU consumption.
    • Showed error messages in erroneous calls.
    • Added support for AIX 7.2.
  • IBM i OS Sensor: 
    • Added support for generating alert when server is unreachable or unavailable.
  • IBM MQ Sensor:
    • Added Topic String to Topic Table, and enhance display for all types of topics.
    • Changed IBM MQ sensor minimal poll rate as 60 seconds.
    • Changed Messages In and Messages Out to average value and show 2 decimals for them in Queue Line Dashboard.
    • Showed 2 decimals for Publications and Subscriptions as average value for Topic Dashboard.
  • IBM MQ Tracing: 
    • Switched from Go Jaeger client to OpenTelemetry C++ client in the trace library.
    • Supported configurable tracing level for IBM MQ.
    • Translated IBM MQ completion code and reason code to meaningful messages in erroneous calls.
    • Added support for AIX 7.2.
  • IBM WebSphere Application Sensor: 
    • Added EJB bean level metrics for WebSphere EJB modules.
  • Jenkins Sensor: 
    • Added API prefix auto-discovery from process arguments.
  • MongoDB Sensor
    • Now supports MongoDB versions 4.4 and 5.0
    • SSL/TLS support improvements and fixes
  • PHP Sensor: 
    • Added the support of sending agent host ID to the trace JSON file.
  • Postgresql Sensor: 
    • The sensor is now able to process include directives in configuration files.
  • Statsd Sensor: 
    • Extended support for metrics formats to parse metrics with tags.

Other improvements:

  • Integration with IBM Monitoring: 
    • Added integration support for ITCAM V7 MQ and IIB agents
    • Added integration support for APM V8 MQ and ACE (IIB) agents.
  • Integration with Slack: 
    • Upgraded Instana and Slack integration to use new OAuth-v2 from Slack during initial setup.
  • Node.js Tracer:
    • Instrumentation of node-rdkafka and kafka-avro libraries.
  • Webhook alert channel: 
    • Added support for webhook URL basic authentication.
  • Dashboards improvements:
    • Application and Custom dashboards: Added Last week option to Time Shift, which allows comparing metrics with the same time frame one week ago.
    • Infrastructure dashboards: Charts now display the aggregation used inside the tooltip.

For additional features, improvements, and fixes made to the enterprise observability platform and automated Application Performance Monitoring solution, see the release notes at

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