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Using AI & Machine Learning to quickly detect anomlies

By Leon Odenbrett posted Thu May 02, 2024 02:42 PM


In today’s competitive market, the company that reacts first does the best.  When your company has an issue with their routers in their network, it takes time to discover what is happening.  When your company has put a new OS patch in place that contents with their software and slows down the works it takes time to find it.  If your company has put new equipment in place and your looking to see the effect it has on the overall batch performance.  All these situations can be monitored and reacted to quickly and efficiently with the aid of AIDA (AI Data Advisor).

AIDA is a tool that uses AI and machine learning to help detect anomalies and report on them.  AIDA learns what your normal batch schedule is and sets up KPI’s to report on variances from that learned norm.  AIDA can and should be used for all levels of a company to catch trends and resolve issues. 

Operations will use AIDA to monitor and report on current batch and help get teams involved to find root cause for anomalies. 

By clicking on an issue from the above screen they can see which jobs or servers are having issues and can get appropriate teams involved ahead of time.

The light blue area is what is expected and the dark blue line is actual data, the red dots are anomalies that have been detected that your teams can report on.

Your administration teams will be able to monitor all the systems and track our batch health. 

Your application teams can monitor their work, they know they are falling behind, they are researching why they are falling behind or they are now doing much better.

Using AIDA helps your entire company identify anomalies (good or bad) so you can be ahead of all your batch needs.