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IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager® continues to evolve

By Carmel Burgess posted Wed November 25, 2020 12:06 PM

With the emergence of edge computing and 5G, networks are changing rapidly and requiring CSPs to instantiate multiple instances of a network, using network slicing architecture and a DevOps cycle of management. There is an increased focus on cloud infrastructures, (xNFs)  i.e. Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Cloud-native Network Functions (CNFs).

IBM and Red Hat are taking the pain out of this transformation with IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager® V 1.3, which is now generally available.

IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager® V 1.3 aims to simplify, automate and optimize the end-to-end (E2E) network transformation and provides several key benefits:

  • Deploy new network functions and services in an automated way leading to a very rapid time to market.
  • Deliver faster detection and prediction of network issues by using E2E service assurance with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps).
  • Provide an automated approach to troubleshoot or prevent issues with closed-loop operations delivering self-healing capability.

Key capabilities

  • Orchestration

    • Supports E2E orchestration and lifecycle management of network services to support cloud network adoption across all cloud domains.

    • Accelerates telco network service delivery and time to market by using an automated approach to onboard your network functions.

    • Uses (xNF) eco system certification program jointly administered and delivered by IBM and Red Hat, to certify the onboarding and service assurance.

    • Accelerates time to market with confidence, using the vendor VNF and CNF certification ecosystem. 

    • Includes Kubernetes Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) driver.

    • Adds support for asynchronous communication between Telco Network Cloud Manager - Orchestration and resource managers.

    • Kubernetes operator based installation of Telco Network Cloud Manager – Orchestration replaces the Helm charts installation of earlier releases, enabling a more controlled and safe installation.

As a result of these capabilities you can expect to experience improved (xNF) lifecycle management, as part of the orchestration process. It offers an Intent-based orchestration approach designed to provide a significant decrease in effort needed in comparison to workflow-based procedures in the market.
The VNF certification process run jointly by IBM and Red Hat helps to ensure that the services offered can meet the predefined service quality levels of third-party VNFs, CNFs, and the Red Hat OpenStack and Red Hat OpenShift Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVi) layer of the network cloud. 
  • Assurance via Watson AIOps NEW

Telco Network Cloud Manager now packages IBM Watson AIOps for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 2.0 and it utilizes AI Manager to analyze structured and unstructured data channels that pertain to applications, including IBM Watson AIOps Alert Manager for events and topology data, Humio, LogDNA, and PagerDuty.

AI Manager

Integrates with the following IBM Netcool offerings: 

    • Operations Insight
    • Agile Service Manager
    • IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNibus

Metric Manager 

Metric Manager analyzes performance and monitoring data (metric data) across silos, domains, vendors, and systems such as New Relic, AppDynamics, and SolarWinds. It automatically learns the normal operational behavior of the metrics in an organization's environment to automatically detect anomalies and offer a wide range of proactive outage avoidance capabilitie.

Event Manager

Event Manager uses correlation and analysis processes to deliver a robust analytics-driven alert and incident management solution that helps organizations collect, consolidate, and correlate events and topology data from virtually any source.

  • Performance

Telco Network Cloud Manager-Performanceenables Telcos, Service Providers, and Enterprises who rely on the network for their business, to manage the performance of the network infrastructure.

    • Unified performance management with wireline, wireless and virtual monitoring on one platform.
    • Monitoring scale to support latest technologies including 5G.
    • Open Concept where data is available in simple format, through multiple integration points, with minimum latency.
    • Ready-to-use integrations to a myriad of network data sources.
    • Support for extending integrations to new data sources (i.e. using the rapid device onboarding capability).
    • Flexibility to extend the platform for own use-cases e.g. data presentation, integration to other systems.
    • Self-service with user-friendly dashboard design tool to create new or customize out-of-the box dashboards.
  • Product tour

Why not take a glimpse of the Network Slicing product tour that has been released recently: CSPs need to modernize their networks and enable enterprises to deliver new services at the edge.

  • Chat to sales or schedule a consultation

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