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NS1 Introduces Zone Version Rollback

By Annie Liu posted Tue October 03, 2023 11:17 AM


One of the corollaries of Murphy’s Law is that you only realize the mistakes in your DNS zone the second after you roll something out into production. When there’s a zone error that leads to deprecated performance or misdirected queries, DNS administrators often wish for a do-over.

Now NS1 is offering admins a time machine. We’re releasing an early access version of zone versioning rollbacks, which will offer a way to revert back to a previous version of a zone in the event of an error or misconfiguration. The feature will be limited to certain zone sizes at first and offered only to customers who ask for it to be turned on, but we plan to quickly lift those constraints and make it generally available to all customers.

It gets better: since NS1 will store these saved zone versions on the network edge, the rollbacks will happen almost instantaneously. Rather than sweating out a period of deprecated performance or misdirected traffic, NS1 will bring you back to a previous configuration without the standard propagation delays. With the flip of a switch, you can go back in time and pretend that nothing happened.

This feature will also allow DNS administrators to preview the contents of a previous zone version before publishing it for the entire internet to see. If the impact of a zone on critical traffic patterns is unclear, this feature will provide a safe space to review the configuration before a hard switch.

We put together a quick demo video to show how the feature works:

Ready to try the new zone version rollback feature? Contact your Customer Support Manager to turn this feature on.