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What We’re Working On for IBM Turbonomic (Updated: April 2023)

By Alexandra Ferreira posted Tue March 07, 2023 03:59 PM


IBM Turbonomic 

IBM Turbonomic is a top-down, application-driven approach that continuously analyzes applications' resource needs and generates fully automatable actions to ensure applications always get what they need to perform. It runs 24/7/365 and scales with the largest, most complex environments.


The latest release of IBM Turbonomic is available here.


  • Carbon Footprint and Energy Usage Data for VMs and Applications
  • SaaS Reporting
  • Datadog Integration
  • PMC & Cloud Suspension
  • IBM Power Integration 2.0
  • Top Down Billing (Cost Data Accuracy)


  • Declarative Configuration of Prometurbo
  • Integration with Git-based Software via Argo CD
  • Turbonomic SaaS Client Support for Kubeturbo
  • Turbonomic SaaS Client Deployment in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Azure Billing Target Support for the Cost Details API
  • Discovery of Account Tags from Public Cloud Providers
  • Downloads of Resize Data for Workload Controllers
  • Parking Actions for Cloud VMs
  • Support for Microsoft Customer Agreement Accounts
  • Enforcement of Security Context Constraints (SCCs) for Pod Move Actions
  • Temporary Increases in Namespace Quotas
  • New Operator Lifecycle Management (OLM) Feature
  • VMWare vCenter 8.0 Support
  • New View of the Target Configuration Page
  • Declarative Policy Configuration for Kubernetes Services
  • Azure VM Memory Metrics Collection via REST API
  • Migrate Container Workloads Plan
  • New Filters for VMs and Databases
  • Node Reconfigure Actions
  • Unknown Container Pods Visibility
  • Docker Hub and IBM Container Registry Updates
  • Azure App Service Optimization
  • Turbonomic SaaS with Hybrid Support
  • New Filter for Container Pods
  • Maintenance Automation Avoidance
  • Improvement for Hardware Refresh Plans
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Billing Targets
  • Delete Actions for GCP Volumes
  • Context-based Application Topology
  • Turbonomic Webhooks
  • Red Hat OpenShift Installation Instructions

See Turbonomic Release Notes to learn more. 


If you don't see the features you are looking for, please check out this forum where you can review existing ideas, add a comment, vote, subscribe to updates, or post your own ideas and get feedback from the IBM Team and other customers.*

    The Turbonomic Product Team

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Disclaimer: Our product team is actively working on multiple enhancements that have been highly requested by our users. However, please note that any information shared in this forum about future features and functionality is not a commitment from IBM Turbonomic to deliver any specific feature or functionality in the future. Additionally, if we do deliver a feature or functionality, we do not commit to any specific timeframe. Our product plans and priorities are subject to change at any time. While we will not be providing an official Turbonomic roadmap, the information shared in these posts provides insight into what our team is currently focusing on. Please keep in mind that this information is not a guarantee of a specific feature or release date, but it should give you an understanding of our product managers' priorities.