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Ask a Data Scientist: Careers in Data Science

Join us for Careers in Data Science, a live event hosted by IBM Community.

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Useful Resources for Data Science

How about a tour through some useful resources for learning data science?

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Three guiding principles for AI Technology Development

We are living in an era of Human + Machine. The technology is here to augment and extend your intelligence.

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Agile AI: A Practical Guide to Building AI Applications and Teams

As more companies work to adopt AI for business processes, project costs and failure rates are on the rise. Why? No standard practice exists for implementing AI in business applications, and many organizations don’t have the skills, processes, and tools to mitigate risk. With this practical report, industry experts Carlo Appugliese, Paco Nathan, and William S. Roberts teach you Agile AI to help you innovate, reduce required investments, and decrease failure risk.


Written for technical leaders as well as tech-savvy business cohorts with an understanding of analytics, software engineering, and data science, this report from IBM is useful for anyone interested in an Agile approach to AI and machine learning at the enterprise level. You’ll quickly learn how to choose the approach that works best for your company.

  • Fundamentals: Explore data science and AI tools, including the trends in and risks of machine learning
  • AI skills: Examine core skills in data science, as well as effective practices for building a data science team and nurturing a supportive culture
  • Agile approach: Focus on the right team mind-set of flexibility, the right set of tools, and the right set of team skills

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