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Independent research


A Father, Husband, professional chef, writer, thinker and now, trying to become a "Sustainable AI systems designer/architect".  
I have travelled the world since I was a little boy.  Everywhere I went, I could feel the friendship and open heartedness of every culture and every community that I engaged with. That gave me a distinct approach and deep love of diversity. 
Also I have been a first hand observer of all that is wrong with our world, and that for many years has lighted a fire inside of me, but now that fire is quiet and strong, calm and patient, since change is here, now, it has been for ages, but we have a unique chance to implement it. 
Soon I will be telling you all more about me, but now let me state something very clearly:  I have unique set of multiple creative and practical abilities, over developed instinct and huge hard working capacity. My road has not being the usual, there is a reason for that. Nevertheless  I have developed my thought and knowledge reading from the great minds of our times and turned that into practical knowledge.  I am a thinker and a doer.  Areas in which I am comfortable and fluent working with are:
vegan food
vegetarian food
macrobiotic food
energetic food
Data Science
Python programming 
3d printing
neural science 
music production 
music composition
electronic circuits design and making
News analysis and report

I have no desire for wealth or praise, but I do want to access all the resources that I can get a hold of, and all the connections I am able to extend in order to help the vulnerable and make this world a better place.  

Warm regards