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GambleRock Social Gambling Engine (SGE) with Artificial Intelligence

  • 1.  GambleRock Social Gambling Engine (SGE) with Artificial Intelligence

    Posted Sun December 15, 2019 07:27 AM
    Edited by Benjamin Ogden Mon December 16, 2019 02:28 AM
    This is a partial post / partial new post taken from my social gambling games website GambleRock. 

    I am working on some exciting pretty mind mending concepts with planned development of artificial intelligence (
    AI) that will be used to do good by harnessing the power of the online social gambling market. There is no doubt about the power of social networks and community based user generated data.

    GambleRock is developing the world's first social gambling engine called GambleRock SGE.

    My plans (without sharing too much) are to work in this new field emerging of computing to and build artificial intelligence technology that will better people's lives. Interactive chat/player bots will increase GambleRock SGE user engagement, generate new, original, & meaningful data sets.

    I also own the highly valuable repost® trademark IPR. Your data tools should be able to quantify its value. I want to partner with you on monetizing it (develop the technology too ideally). Look at search volume on this trademarked brand name that I own. Have the domain and website community which is its own opportunity.

    I need to work with a big company like IBM, Google or Microsoft. A company that has the resources and aligned interests on making new discoveries and generating new revenue streams.

    My digital assets, intellectual property, clear vision & understanding of the future and understanding of how complexly interconnected things operate with a natural intuition to connect the most random seemingly meaningless dots. If they're quantum entangled elements observable to human eyes I can probably detect the entanglement with a shockingly high degrees of success (without the quantum computers). My brain with do it on its own, its spooky.

    I have a complex financial model that I would like to work on as well, one capable of generating trillions of dollars through the power of compound interest and a new financial model. 

    I need to work with people that can actually comprehend and calculate my thoughts. 

    I sincerely hope to work with IBM, drive the next generation of innovation with IBM, drive record profits and speak with you real soon about long term becoming business partners.

    #repost #gamblerock #IPR #CloudApplicationBusinessInsights #Cloud #MachineLearning

    Best Regards,

    Benjamin Ogden
    GambleRock Founder and CEO

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    Benjamin Ogden
    Founder and CEO

  • 2.  RE: GambleRock Social Gambling Engine (SGE) with Artificial Intelligence

    Posted Wed January 15, 2020 02:42 AM

    Hello All,

    Well I'm a bit disappointed with the slow progress being made trying to get my business going with IBM. 

    I'm looking for development assistance on new technologies I want to work together to develop including blockchain, cloud and AI.

    I was told that there are programs to offer help with development and or cover development costs but I've yet to make a break through. 

    The intellectual property rights infringement on the Repost mark is likely valued in the Hundreds of Millions of $$$ Dollars, possible even Billions of dollars in damages.

    With such a massive scope of infringement by multiple tech companies I can really use an appointment with IBM IP team member. 

    Please call me to discuss, thank you!

    Benjamin Ogden
    repost® is a registered trademark.
    unauthorized use prohibited.

    Benjamin Ogden
    Founder and CEO
    Repost® & GambleRock®
    Windermere FL