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Meet the incredible folks who develop AI Courses - Miguel Maldonado

  • 1.  Meet the incredible folks who develop AI Courses - Miguel Maldonado

    Posted Tue November 26, 2019 08:36 AM
    Continuing with the series of amazing folks, today I would like to introduce Miguel Maldonado, - Machine Learning Curriculum lead at IBM.
    Miguel has a degree in Physics Engineering and a Masters in Analytics. He has led Data Science teams for a few financial institutions including banks and FinTechs. He volunteers on a few after-school programs that raise awareness of STEM careers and on local Data Science chapters like PyData and Women in Data Science.
    Tell us a little about your job at IBM? I collaborate developing courses that help you climb the learning curve of Machine Learning. After a few years assembling and mentoring Data Science teams, I realized that Machine Learning courses need to be as practical and real-life as possible. At IBM I help make sure that our courses are relevant to your day to day job and a good time investment.
    What makes you get up in the morning? I am a breakfast person. I enjoy getting up early and fixing the family a hearty breakfast that we can enjoy together.
    What do you bring to the community? I have been working in Analytics/AI/ML for 10 years, but I am relatively new to the open source world. I have been in your shoes and most likely have ran into an error that your python notebook is throwing at you... I should be able to help you fix your code or get a sanity check that bulletproofs your methodology. But if I can't help top of my head, we can always figure it out together!
    How can the community help you?
    AI is amazing, but what humans do with AI is even more amazing. The main reason I love a career in AI and Machine Learning is that I am never done learning. Staying up to date on new uses and new applications of AI, keeps me going. I am always on the lookout for cool and new applications of AI. Spending time on this community helps me find the next big WOW of what someone else is doing.
    Fun fact? I speak four languages, but not on command. They just come and go, and I get them mixed up ALL the time. I also have a master plan to visit the top 20 US national parks by 2025.

    Kinga Parrott
    Chief Tech Ed Evangelist

  • 2.  RE: Meet the incredible folks who develop AI Courses - Miguel Maldonado

    Posted Wed November 27, 2019 03:18 AM
    Hi I'm RIHAB KASIM currently pursuing Btec in computer science and engineering