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9 months ago

To Join our private launch please read below. 

Hi Team, 

Lockdown was a crazy time for many companies out there but luckily for us, it was something magical and we would love to share that with you! :)

We have been working as a consultancy practice adopting and utilizing the Watson AI toolkit for a number of years now but lockdown really helped us to reprioritize and pivot in a new direction, it helped us to build something we're calling Smart Search. 

Smart Search (SS) is like a "Google search on steroids for your internal knowledge base", it tackles and eliminates couple of problems with the legacy Knowledge Management Systems like Sharepoint ect. 

legacy systems
1) Key word searches 
2) Reading entire articles to find the information you're looking for wasting valuable time on just finding the information 

with Smart Search you are now able to
1) Ask questions 
2) Read-only paragraphs at any given point to get the answer to your question  

Here's a demo of the platform: SmartSearch - Contextual search
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SmartSearch - Contextual search
Smart Search Product demo about contextual search
View this on YouTube >

We use a bunch of Watson services combined with our own AI algorithms on top to give you the perfect paragraph of text to your question. Give us an email we would be happy to walk you through its inner workings and get you an invite to our private launch. 

All you have to do to join our private launch is email me at with the subject "Smart Search" and we will be in touch. (please email if your company has more then 1M+ ARR, the product is best suited for enterprises and large scale business with lots of data).

See you soon! :)

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