Data Science in Spanish

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Data Science in Spanish 

Mon December 06, 2021 03:29 PM

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While many programs and bootcamps exist globally for data science and analytics, the primary language of all such curricula remains in English. Since only 8.2% of the world’s population speaks English fluently enough to undertake educational efforts in English, the world of data science and machine learning remains accessible only to those who speak English as a first or relatively fluent second language.

6% of the world’s population speaks Spanish as a native language — a total of 483 million people — second only to Mandarin, and ahead of English in native speakers among global languages [1]. Creating resources for this language seems an overlooked need in creating greater access to data science curriculum and materials. In this post, I will cover some of the efforts being made by IBM and others to cover this crucial need and discuss briefly the perspectives of IBM Student Advocate Luis Geraldo Ayala Bertel.



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