Data Science at Scale: Platform Decision

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Data Science at Scale: Platform Decision 

Wed November 28, 2018 06:56 PM

"Data science isn’t just creeping into areas of modern business, it’s being targeted in every department. Gone are the days where data science (DS) was a one-off project in hopes to improve a single area of the company. Organizations currently to take advantage of DS advancements in every business aspect. The challenge arises when you want to operationalize your DS practice. How do you make a DS project repeatable from discovery to feature selection, through training, implementation, and deployment? What measures can you use to state a return on investment (ROI) as traditional SDLC won’t satisfy customer demands for faster time to market and data volumes are growing too large for single console solutions? see how Hortonworks (HWX) & IBM provide a connected platform for data science. The combination of HWX and IBM provides the best of both open-source standard and business solutions. I will walk through building a machine learning model, pushing processing to a massive amount of data, running in a secure environment and deploying the model, all on Hortonworks Data Platform & DSX. This talk will cover notebook development, spark distributed execution, containerizing custom libraries and model deployment. Join me for the discussion and see why driving your company to be data science ready is a platform decision."

This webcast was produced by Kirk Haslbeck, Founder & CEO of Owl-Analytics.



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