Webinar: Streamlining clinical trials with AI

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When:  Sep 19, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


Efficient clinical trial site selection is a prominent industry-wide challenge. The inability to meet planned recruitment timelines and the failure of certain sites to enroll participants contribute to a substantial monetary impact for biopharma companies. In this webinar, we will discuss how companies can harness an AI-driven approach to make informed decisions based on evidence and increase the likelihood of success for a clinical trial site, ultimately leading to cost savings and an shorter clinical development cycle.

Join this webinar hear about:

  • How to leverage AI-enabled capabilities to develop evidence-driven enrollment strategies, site performance forecasting, and monitoring. 
  • How to accelerate recruitment by optimizing protocol design, uncovering untapped areas, and digitalizing patient experience. 
  • Discover IBM's approach to helping you gain a competitive edge.

Key Speakers

Julien Willard, MD MPH, Partner and Global Leader for Life Sciences Enterprise Strategy

Julien brings practical experience in the areas of business aspects of clinical trials including: clinical contracting and financial management, global clinical trial budgeting and forecasting, clinical financial analytics and metrics/KPIs, financial planning,  and monitoring of clinical trial performance. Previously, Julien played several executive roles at Accenture, World Bank Group, and Oxfam and recieved recognition for his work in economics in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

Andrea Dobrindt, Managing Consultant, AI/ML/GenAI Competency Lead, IBM Public Market

Andrea has over 10 years of technical leadership experience managing complex data-centric and AI-driven programs and projects in both Consulting and Life Science Industry. She assists clients across Healthcare, Life Sciences, State & Local Govt., and Higher Education in their Digital Transformation journey.