Leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities in the Cloud

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When:  Sep 1, 2022 from 12:30 PM to 01:30 PM (PT)

This event is being presented to you by Technical Meetup Group hosted by IBM.

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In this session we will dive into Natural Language Processing (NLP) features supported by Watson NLP in Watson Studio, and show you how to use these features through demo notebooks.

The demos in this session will cover some of the pre-built models available, such as emotion and tone classification, syntax, and noun phrase extraction, as well as training and evaluating classification and entity extraction models on publicly available datasets and comparing different types of algorithms. Some of the use cases and data sets included are:

  1. Understanding failure reasons in car complaints
  2. Identifying what is driving sentiment in hotel reviews
  3. Classifying financial complaints
  4. Understanding customer emotion and tone for financial products.

As Data Scientists and ML Engineers you'll be able to extract information from unstructured text, ranging from primitives that extract grammatical information to more advanced capabilities such as text classification, entities and keywords extraction, and train your own models with custom datasets, all through Python notebooks on the Cloud!

Presenters: Dylan Shoemaker and Dora Agali

Dylan is a Machine Learning Engineer on the Watson NLP team, which develops and maintains IBM's core library for natural language processing tasks. Since his start with the team in September of 2020, he has been fascinated by the process of productionizing state-of-the-art NLP algorithms to allow researchers and developers to iterate at scale. He's also gained an appreciation for inner source and open source technologies as he's seen how Watson NLP has benefited from its diverse contributor base. Dylan graduated from Penn State University in 2020 with Bachelor's Degrees in Computational Data Science and Applied Statistics. In his free time he enjoys hiking, reading, and playing tennis.

Dora is a Machine Learning Engineer on the Watson NLP team, IBM's inner source natural language processing library. She has been interested in combining computer science and language since she took her first linguistics course in college. After joining IBM NLU as an intern in 2019, she also became intrigued by Design Thinking and the user experience. Since coming back full time to Watson NLP in September 2020, she has been dedicated to making the library as easy and approachable as possible for anyone to use or contribute. Dora graduated with a BA in Computer Science and Linguistics from Boston University in May 2020. In her free time she likes take sunset walks by the ocean, make art, knit, and bake. She also has a blue belt in taekwondo.

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