AI on Pi Day 2023

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When:  Mar 14, 2023 from 10:45 AM to 01:00 PM (ET)

AIDAUG will hold its AI on Pi Day planetary-wide event on Pi Day (πday) 2023.

Bill Higgins is the director of research and development for Watson at IBM. This IBM veteran will talk to us about the new products in AI at IBM.

We will completely switch tiers with Rob Thomas, senior vice president of software and Chief Commercial Officer at IBM. Rob will talk about the AI strategy for IBM. 

Bill and Rob will take some questions in short Q&A sessions, moderated by Jean-Georges Perrin. We will conclude with a more general discussion about AI, data, and analytics with some members of the board of AIDAUG.


  • AI on Pi Day is an online event.
  • Talks are in English.
  • Recording will be available online at a later date.
  • Attendance is free for AIDAUG members (and it is free to become an AIDAUG member).

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