Introduction to Quantum Computing - Meetup

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When:  Mar 22, 2023 from 08:00 AM to 09:30 AM (ET)

Topic repeated at 2 different times, please join the session that is best suited for your time zone.
We will provide an introduction and overview of quantum computing and IBM Quantum. This will include a discussion on the motivation for quantum computing and how quantum computers work.

Next, we will examine the types of problems to which quantum computing might be applied. The development roadmap will be presented. The IBM Quantum platform, which provides the tooling and interfaces for programming IBM quantum computers, will be introduced.

Finally, we will highlight the IBM Quantum ecosystem which includes the IBM Quantum Network and the Qiskit community. After this session you should be empowered with the knowledge and resources you need to begin your quantum computing journey.

Note that this is part 1 of an 8-session series on Quantum Computing on Mar 22/23, Apr 5/6, Apr 19/20, May 3/4, May 17/18, May 31/Jun 1, Jun 14/15, Jul 5/6. The sessions are not prerequisites for each other, and are not recorded. We will provide reference links and do quick recaps of previous content as required, so if you miss an earlier session, you can still get value from subsequent sessions.

Presenter: Wiktor Mazin

Wiktor Mazin is a Principal Data Scientist in the Client Engineering team and a Quantum Ambassador at IBM. Wiktor works with clients co-creating minimal viable products leveraging IBM's data & AI solutions and platform. Wiktor has 15 years+ experience with a variety of data science and machine learning challenges across a range of industries.

Dr. Mazin holds a M.Sc. in Engineering (chaos theory), a Ph.D. and a MMT (eMBA) from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
During the Ph.D., Wiktor worked with a pharmaceutical company using machine learning to diagnose psychiatric patients based on gene expressions in blood. He worked ~5 years with personalized medicine in cancer, with drug response prediction matching dna profiles to anti-cancer drugs.

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