How to use Quantum computing for creative and artistic purposes - Meetup

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When:  Jun 15, 2023 from 03:30 PM to 04:30 PM (ET)

Now that quantum computing is available to the masses, what can be done with this new technology outside of scientific research?

We will be providing an overview and deep dive into how quantum computing can be used for artistic and creative purposes. Over the course of an hour, Wiktor Mazin and Russell Huffman will give a survey of how quantum computing is being adopted by creative practitioners, and then go through a tutorial on how you can get started by created fractal art with quantum information, quantum circuits, and using IBM’s real state of the art quantum systems.

All necessary tools and links to get started will be covered during this talk.

Note that this is part 7 of an 8-session series on Quantum Computing on Mar 22/23, Apr 5/6, Apr 19/20, May 3/4, May 17/18, May 31/Jun 1, Jun 14/15, Jul 5/6. The sessions are not prerequisites for each other, and are not recorded. We will provide reference links and do quick recaps of previous content as required, so if you miss an earlier session, you can still get value from subsequent sessions.

Presenters: Wiktor Mazin, Russell Huffman

Wiktor Mazin is a Principal Data Scientist in the Client Engineering team, a Qiskit Advocate and a Quantum HCLS Ambassador at IBM. Wiktor works with clients co-creating minimal viable products leveraging IBM’s data & AI solutions and platform. He has 15 years+ experience with a variety of data science and machine learning challenges across a range of industries.
Wiktor holds a M.Sc. in Engineering (chaos theory & Turing patterns), a Ph.D. and a MMT (eMBA) from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Russell Huffman is a Design Lead with IBM Quantum, a Qiskit Advocate, and a Quantum Ambassador. He has an M.Sc. in Digital Media from Georgia Tech and over 10 years of industry design experience.
Russell has built his career at the intersection of emerging technology and design, including working in AI and quantum computing with several patents in both fields. He also has one of the world’s first quantum art installations, currently on display in one of IBM’s offices in Manhattan.

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