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  • 1.  Urgent help with SPSS

    Posted Tue April 02, 2024 01:12 PM


    I am a Mac user and graduate student. My laptop recently installed Sonoma 14.4.1. I was previously using SPSS Version 28 without any issues. I now am no longer able to open SPSS at all and receive the following message:

    "Attempt to connect to a remote server failed inet: Local Computer. Verify server name is correct and is resolvable by the Domain Name Server. If server is behind a VPN, verify client is connected to the VPN."

    I then get a page that says "Server Login" and am unable to move forward from there.

    My university provided me with the recommendation of uninstalling SPSS Version 28 and installing SPSS Version 29.0.2. I did the following and am still having the same issue. 

    I would greatly appreciate help with resolving this matter. 


  • 2.  RE: Urgent help with SPSS

    Posted Tue April 02, 2024 05:43 PM
    Edited by David Dwyer Tue April 02, 2024 05:43 PM

    Hi @Lexy Beale
    Make sure that you have a 'clean' environment before installing the new version.
    See https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/script-completely-remove-uninstall-spss-statistics-macos

    David Dwyer
    SPSS Technical Support
    IBM Software